Stress Ball 3-Pack

Stress Ball 3-Pack


This is a three-pack of one of each. One red stress ball, one blue, one black.

This listing is priced to offer a discount to buyers that wish to buy one of each kind of stress ball available. A savings of $5 CAD or 20%.

Each stress ball is approx 3.5" wide. A little larger than the average fist.

Made to order with new materials. This plush amigurumi is stuffed with polyester fibre fill. Usually somewhat softer than mass produced plush toys.

Due to individual graphics settings, yarn dye lots and slight variances to stitching. Your item may not be exactly as shown.

This item is handmade. I try to make each item the same. But I cannot guarantee that each stress ball is stuffed with exactly the same amount of fibre fill. Thus each ball may feel differently to touch.

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